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Wednesday, November 21, 2018



25% of FTBs refused a mortgage by their main bank

5 months ago

One in four first-time buyers were refused a mortgage when they first applied through their main bank,...

EIB and RCB Bank extend support of SMEs

5 months ago

A new €30m finance initiative to support companies in Cyprus has been backed by RCB Bank and the...

EIB appoints new vice-president

5 months ago

Emma Navarro (pictured above) has been appointed vice-president and a member of the management committee...

New member to join the Monetary Policy Committee

5 months ago

Professor Jonathan Haskel has been appointed as an external member of the Bank of England’s Monetary...

FCA calls for 'fundamental reform' to bank overdrafts

5 months ago

The FCA believes that the way banks operate and charge for overdrafts needs "fundamental reform"...

Cambridge & Counties Bank secures £100m ENABLE Guarantee

5 months ago

Cambridge & Counties Bank has secured a £100m ENABLE Guarantee through the British Business Bank...

FCA welcomes Brexit implementation period

7 months ago

The FCA has welcomed the agreement reached by the European Council on the terms of an implementation...

Liam Fox launches GREAT Innovation in Action Awards

7 months ago

International trade secretary Liam Fox has launched the GREAT Innovation in Action Awards to find the...

The key points from the Spring Statement 2018

8 months ago

In the first Spring Statement, the chancellor of the exchequer Philip Hammond revealed the government's...

Development Bank of Wales exceeds £15m of lending in north Wales

8 months ago

The Development Bank of Wales has invested over £15m in 65 north Wales businesses in 2017, three times...

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