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Monday, August 19, 2019

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Crowdfunding: alternative ways to find a community of impact investors

1 week ago

Crowdfunding has become big news over the past five years, providing an important alternative source of...

Islamic finance providers need good old word of mouth more than ever

1 week ago

The UK’s 2.8 million Muslim consumers contribute £31bn to UK PLC and boast a spending power of...

Major changes coming to VAT for construction firms

3 weeks ago

Significant changes are coming to the way VAT works in the construction industry that will have both...

Cloud migration: Key considerations for financial services

1 month ago

More than ever, it is imperative for financial services organisations to migrate to the cloud...

The power of partnerships

1 month ago

Since our launch in September 2015, we have proven our ability to innovate in the UK savings market,...

Should you be banking on open source analytics?

1 month ago

Banks see open source as a hotbed of innovation — and a governance nightmare...

Launching new propositions brings many learnings

2 months ago

Whenever a financial organisation launches a new product, despite all the research and insight they may...

SMEs should align banking with their values

2 months ago

With the UK reportedly spending over £83bn on ethical goods annually, there is an increased demand from...

Bringing vital services beyond banking

2 months ago

Last month, we talked at great length about our partnership with small business network Enterprise Nation...

What can banks do to address Britain's productivity crisis?

2 months ago

Poor productivity is seen as one of the biggest (perhaps the biggest) economic challenges facing Britain...

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