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OakNorth: how some of the entrepreneurs we’ve lent to first got started

14 hours ago

For many, the new year brings with it new possibilities and the chance to explore new opportunities...

Technology paves the way for a new era of customer communications for banks

5 days ago

In the post-GDPR banking landscape, utilising outbound mail for critical customer communications has...

SMEs should avoid prudency even during Brexit

7 days ago

It would be easy to let the considerable uncertainty still surrounding Brexit to be a reason for...

Is the talent pool being stretched across too many emerging banks?

7 days ago

The battle to be the first with innovative technology is not the only fight taking place in the...

The role of bespoke advice in a digital mortgage world

7 days ago

During 2018 – setting Brexit aside – the financial trade press was dominated by coverage of fintech...

Challenger banks to lead the way in customer-centric banking

2 weeks ago

It’s a digital-first economy...

Why the lack of Open Banking standards is putting a halt to innovation

2 weeks ago

Since the implementation of the second payment services directive (PSD2) on 13th January 2018, banks,...

Why banks should see Open Banking as a revenue opportunity

2 weeks ago

Engineered with the promise of delivering a financial revolution, the introduction of Open Banking by...

Demystifying asset-based lending

3 weeks ago

Do you know the difference between ‘approved payables finance’, ‘reverse factoring’, ‘vendor...

Can specialist banks help revitalise business savings?

1 month ago

UK businesses have been left underserved for too long – it’s time for specialist banks to step in...

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