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Artificial intelligence: the buzz behind the buzzword

2 months ago

A report published last year by IDC revealed that 67% of organisations globally have already adopted or...

The potential and pitfalls of Open Banking

2 months ago

Whether banking or wealth and asset management, financial management is evolving...

Avoiding the 'silo mentality'

2 months ago

I have just come off a complex bridging case that saw Masthaven deliver an £800,000 plus loan to help a...

Turning the UK back into a nation of savers

2 months ago

The Bank of England has indicated that it is likely to increase the bank rate in the near future...

Making the right decisions from the start

3 months ago

It's never been an easy ride running a small or micro business...

The UK's regional funding gap: what more can be done?

3 months ago

One of the most important macroeconomic objectives for the UK is to improve economic growth and...

London - the Western Islamic finance hub

3 months ago

Last month, the Islamic Development Bank and London Stock Exchange hosted the Sukuk Summit...

Ask me a question only a human could answer

3 months ago

We're often sold the idea that AI solutions and automated systems – increasingly employed in banking...

Spring forward

3 months ago

Spring is a time of growth and activity is picking up for many of our customers...

Are UK banks falling behind?

4 months ago

In an era when companies such as Amazon...

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