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Opening up the world of data

1 year ago

We live in a world of data and regulations, so it is not surprising that the two are having a large...

Fintech as a force for good

1 year ago

The big news around fintech focuses on the many ways it is already making financial services more...

Banking in the age of augmented reality

1 year ago

The Pokémon craze of 2016 showed us two things First, all someone needs to engage in a compelling...

Banks must put 'speak up' channels at centre of compliance and culture

1 year ago

Over the past decade at Expolink, we've seen a growing number of banks introducing 'whistleblowing' or...

Looking beyond traditional banks

1 year ago

I recently came across an article headlined: “8 in 10 SMEs still prefer traditional bank loans over...

Is it time for financial services to embrace robots?

1 year ago

The UK is becoming an automated economy, and we believe 2018 will be the year that automation becomes...

Survival of the fittest

1 year ago

This week, an inspirational story got me thinking about what it takes to develop a successful business,...

Banking in 2020

1 year ago

Regarding technology, the old Bill Gates quote about overestimating its influence in the short term but...

Increasing customer choice

1 year ago

The new year heralds a new era in the financial services industry with the introduction of Open Banking...

The launch of Open Banking

1 year ago

The launch of Open Banking at the weekend is clearly an important milestone in opening up the UK retail...

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