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Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Paul Stockwell, chief commercial officer at Gatehouse Bank

How we will walk the walk over sustainability

7 months ago

Creating a more sustainable world has not always topped the agenda, but individuals and businesses are...

A guide to how sharia-compliant mortgages work

8 months ago

In December 2018, we launched an alternative to traditional home loans, a home purchasing plan (HPP) for...

Islamic finance providers need good old word of mouth more than ever

11 months ago

The UK’s 2.8 million Muslim consumers contribute £31bn to the UK economy and boast a spending power...

Launching new propositions brings many learnings

1 year ago

Whenever a financial organisation launches a new product, despite all the research and insight they may...

Dispelling overseas property investment myths

1 year ago

When people talk about overseas buyers ‘snapping up’ UK property, assumptions about their supposed...

BTR: Tenant poacher or happy bedfellow?

1 year ago

The sand has been shifting so much under the feet of private landlords that many may believe they are...

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