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Yolt to expand into France and Italy

Tom Belger | 14:20 Tuesday 5th June 2018

ING has confirmed that its money management platform Yolt will be expanding into France and Italy in the coming years.

Yolt is ING's smart money app in the UK which allows users to actively manage their personal finances with a one-stop overview of their accounts with the majority of UK banks.

After attracting 300,000 users in the UK, Yolt aims to expand into more European countries as part of its ambition to build a pan-European money platform.

Frank Jan Risseeuw, CEO at Yolt (pictured above), said it was proud to see the rapid growth of its app in the UK and was even more excited about the expansion into more countries.

“Every day we are doing our utmost to offer our users the best possible experience and I think that's what makes the difference in this digital landscape.

“The fast growth of the number of users shows a digital platform such as Yolt can truly change the banking landscape.'

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