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Investec relaunches flexible E-asy access account

Jordan Williams | 14:43 Thursday 17th May 2018

Investec Savings has announced the relaunch of its E-asy access account with a new rate.

The product has a rate of 1.14% gross pa (variable) and 1.15% AER with no limit on the number of withdrawals.

It has a minimum initial deposit level of £25,000 and a maximum balance of £250,000.

Linda Brown, head of Investec Savings, said: “The E-asy access account embodies the Investec belief that clients should be given the opportunity to shape their savings product to suit their needs.

“We believe that allowing clients to make withdrawals when they need them, and allowing third-party payments, gives them the flexibility to save at their convenience.

“The re-opening of this account comes at a really exciting time for Investec Savings, we are currently focusing on delivering innovative new products that are designed to place greater control in the hands of the client.”

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