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Metro Bank to launch AI-powered money management service

Martin Greenland | 14:25 Thursday 19th April 2018

Metro Bank has announced the upcoming release of Insights, a new artificial intelligence-powered money management service.

Developed by Personetics, the service will help customers manage their finances and achieve their financial goals.

Insights uses predictive analytics capabilities alongside AI to identify relevant trends and events in customers' spending habits.

This data is then used to provide tailored prompts to help the customer control their finances.

The service is scheduled for launch this summer and will be available through the challenger bank's app.

Craig Donaldson, CEO at Metro Bank, said: “We've all been there when you forget to cancel a free trial and end up accidentally subscribing for another month, or you leave a cafe only to realise you've mistakenly been charged twice for the same cup of coffee.

“Insights is about being on the front foot; cutting through the noise to provide relevant and timely tips that make a real difference to customers.”

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