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Banco BNI Europa introduces new account opening feature

Green Box | 15:11 Tuesday 3rd April 2018

Banco BNI Europa has launched an online account opening feature through videoconference.

The new process allows for the signing of documents with a qualified digital certificate to open individual current accounts.

Customers can enter personal data and upload personal documentation, after which they will be sent to a videoconference for identity certification and the signing of the documents.

The identity certification process can be done from either a desktop or smartphone (IOS and Android).

The product is offered in partnership with DigitalSign, a Portuguese certifying entity.

"The account opening process now available fulfils all [of] the requirements set by the Bank of Portugal," said Pedro Pinto Coelho, CEO at Banco BNI Europa (pictured above).

"…But we do not want to stop here.

“We aim to challenge the traditional banking ecosystem by collaborating with fintechs to launch new technologically advanced and disruptive systems.

“The banking system will change profoundly in the coming years and we want to be an active part in this change.”

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