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Atom bank joins Faster Payments scheme

Alex Lynn | 16:59 Wednesday 28th March 2018

Atom bank has joined the Faster Payments scheme as a direct participant and migrated all traffic across its retail deposit book to the real-time payment scheme.

The Faster Payments scheme will enable Atom bank to connect customers and services directly to the payment system.

Mark Mullen, CEO at Atom bank (pictured above), said that it was delighted to have become a member of the Faster Payments scheme.

“Our customers expect real-time services, so [by] joining Faster Payments, [this] enables them to send or receive money knowing that it will be instantaneous, safe and simple.

“Given most customers manage so much of their lives on their phone, this partnership is a huge step in helping them to better manage their finances through our app.”

The news comes after Atom bank recently raised £149m in a fundraising round led by BBVA and Toscafund.

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