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Emma integrates with Starling Bank

Martin Greenland | 16:59 Wednesday 14th March 2018

Emma Technologies Ltd has integrated with Starling Bank – its second Open Banking integration.

The fintech firm was granted approval by the FCA in January and is looking to build a banking app for millennials.

The app will look to provide a consumer-focused banking experience, with the goal of improving the financial situation of the user.

“We are thrilled to launch this partnership with Starling and share this new integration with our existing customers,” said Edoardo Moreni, CEO and co-founder of Emma Technologies Ltd (pictured above).

“We truly believe the integration with Starling will create synergies and provide customers [with] an enriched overview of their finances across all their accounts.”

Megan Caywood, chief platform officer at Starling Bank, added: “At Starling, our goal is to help customers make sense of their money and easily manage it, and integrations with apps like Emma are a key way we enable that.

“We want our customers to have choice among financial products and to be able to easily access products and services from across the market, and our open API makes that possible.”

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