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Fraedom partners with taxi-booking service

Jordan Williams | 09:00 Monday 25th December 2017

Banking technology firm Fraedom has announced that it has partnered with Australian mobile taxi-booking service ingogo.

The new partnership will enable ingogo customers to automatically expense their taxi trips and upload receipts to the Fraedom platform for expense tracking and reimbursement.

Company administrators can create an ingogo business account to monitor ride expenses for their firm.

Ingogo's fixed-fare scheme uses smart algorithms to calculate the most cost-efficient route and on average saves businesses 20% on taxi expenses.

Kyle Ferguson, CEO at Fraedom, said: “We are always looking for ways to make completing expenses as effortless and painless as we can for customers.

“Our goal is for the touchless transaction, where our customers don't need to think about expenses and can focus on their business.

“Our partnership with ingogo continues to make that vision a reality.”

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