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Aldermore launches first TV ad campaign

Tom Belger | 14:00 Friday 6th October 2017

Aldermore has partnered with a brand consultancy to launch its first-ever TV advertising campaign.

The specialist bank teamed up with Zag and animation studio Animade to create the 30-second advert, which first aired on 11th September on Sky Adsmart.

The advert highlights Aldermore's enterprising customer base and positions the bank's offering as “banking for the bold”.

It also showcases Aldermore's new brand assets, including logo, imagery and strapline launched earlier this year.

The TV advert will form part of a wider integrated campaign, which also features two shorter versions of the film to run across YouTube and other digital in-read media and social media.

“We are always looking for innovative and clever ways to reach our potential customers,” said Suzanne Johnson-Smith.

“As a specialist lender, we provide support to customers with very specific needs.

“This means looking at innovative ways of reaching them directly.

“By taking this targeted approach, we're able to engage in a way that is not only relevant to potential customers, but provides a great opportunity for us to really show what the brand stands for.”

Aldermore hopes that through Sky Adsmart they can target households which view the film based on insights mined from Sky's own customer data.

“The creative brief for the campaign was to bring our new brand strategy and visual identity to life in a way that creates excitement among our audience of 'go getters',” added Suzanne.

“We wanted to highlight our customers' drive to seize opportunities and Aldermore's ability to assist them with this, and how this sets us both apart.

“The film encapsulates that message perfectly.”

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