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Business bank launches virtual banker

Martin Greenland | 07:30 Wednesday 6th September 2017

Australian business bank NAB has launched a digital virtual banker specifically for business customers .

The digital virtual banker – which is in pilot and available 24/7 on – is set to enable them to receive instants answers and assistance with common banking questions and tasks.

The virtual assistant's artificial intelligence comes from thousands of real-life customer enquiries and has more than 13,000 variants of the 200 questions the virtual banker can answer.

If it can't answer the question, the customer will be directed to a human banker for assistance.

Banking customers were involved in the testing and development phases, with more than 75% saying that virtual banking was a highly desirable offering.

Antony Cahill, chief operating officer at NAB, said the development of the virtual banker continued NAB's commitment to providing leading solutions that make life easier for customers.

“Our research shows that two-thirds of Australian SMEs cite dealing with administrative tasks as taking a lot of effort, and our customers desperately want to spend more time on their business and less time on dealing with admin tasks.

“We're working hard to make banking an easy and supportive experience for our customers and technology like this helps save business customers critical time.

“When they have a question about their banking, our virtual banker is there to help solve it 24 hours a day, seven days a week; it's a simple and seamless on-the-go experience.

“We will continue to develop the virtual banker over coming months, enabling an even broader and more diverse range of instant answers and guidance for business customers.”

The NAB's delivery of new customer self-assistance also includes walk-through tutorial videos for NAB Connect users.

“We currently have a number of different streams of work underway with almost 1,000 employees across various areas of the bank – from bankers, to product specialists, marketing experts and technologists – working together on these projects and delivering at pace,” Antony concluded.

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