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NatWest launches credit card designed for the visually impaired

Tom Belger | 09:54 Tuesday 23rd May 2017

NatWest launches credit card designed for the visually impaired.

The new cards have a notch cut out on the right-hand side to help visually impaired customers insert them into ATMs and PIN pads.

The reverse of the card has also been adapted with the telephone numbers placed where there's no embossing and the font increased by more than 50% to make it easier to read.

Les Matheson, CEO of personal and business banking at NatWest, said: “Almost two million people in the UK are living with sight loss, so we think making payments and accessing cash should be as easy as possible for everyone.

“We have worked closely with RNIB and are very proud to have introduced the first credit card which is 'RNIB approved' – adding to our RNIB-approved debit and savings cards and the first RNIB-approved app.”

Steve Tyler, head of solutions, strategy and planning at the RNIB, said: "We are delighted that yet again, NatWest shows continued commitment to accessibility, this time focusing on access to a range of credit cards.

“It shows a willingness by the bank to listen to its customers, understand the needs of diverse users and take action to deliver real and usable solutions."

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