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Temenos launches microservices architecture tool for large banks

Sam Monk | 14:31 Thursday 16th January 2020

Banking software company Temenos has launched Temenos Transact — a microservices-based architecture tool designed for large banks.

The new product will enable such banks to continuously and strategically transform their core systems at scale.

Microservices can be deployed independently — enterprise wide — and banks can retain existing systems where they are fit for purpose.

Existing Temenos Transact clients are also given the benefit of granular upgrades, allowing them to react to market opportunities faster while cutting the total cost of ownership of their existing core banking platform.

Max Chuard, chief executive officer at Temenos (pictured above), said: “To date, larger banks have been shying away from digital transformation projects.

“This microservices-based cloud architecture enables large banks to finally unlock their potential by transforming their core banking applications rapidly and at scale.

“Larger banks can renovate their core banking applications without compromising their end goal of a full digital transformation to a cloud-agnostic, cloud-native architecture, one component at a time.”

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