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Metro Bank reduces BTL fixed rates

15:51 Friday 6th December 2019

Metro Bank has announced it is cutting its fixed buy-to-let (BTL) interest rates by 0.2% for borrowers up to 70% LTV.

Following the reduction, core two-year fixed rates are now 2.09% (60% LTV), 2.24% (65% LTV) and 2.34% (70% LTV).

For core three-year, the fixed rates have changed to 2.14% (60% LTV), 2.29% (65% LTV) and 2.34% (70% LTV).

The core five-year fixed rates are now 2.19% (60% LTV), 2.39% (65% LTV) and 2.44% (70% LTV).

All remortgage customers will continue to benefit from two, fee-assisted remortgage options — up to a maximum property value of £2m.

Andy Piggott, director of lending products at Metro Bank, said: “These interest rate reductions are great news for landlords looking to guarantee their mortgage repayments for a period of time — allowing them to better plan their investments and giving them peace of mind for the longer-term.”

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