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The relevance of cards in a digital world

Emily Lovelock, head of sales at | 08:55 Wednesday 13th November 2019

Physical cards are not only relevant for program users, but also for the banks.

Convenience, reliability, trust, trends and status are some of the reasons why consumers value their physical cards. For banks, consumer experience and brand awareness are the two biggest reasons. 

Consequently, for the majority of clients we work with, the physical card and packaging are the only tangible aspects of the banks. This intensifies the need for quality and a design that best represents their brand. Often cardholders will provide free marketing for the brands by posting images and videos of their unique cards and packaging on social media. To achieve this reaction from the cardholders, the cards and packaging need to give the ‘wow factor’. 

The cards (and packaging) need to be perfect from launch, ensuring the brand is recognisable. The best way of achieving this is for the client design team to work closely with the design team. This allows clients to experience the manufacture process, explore new techniques and push design boundaries, all in line with scheme regulations.

Visualiser videos and plastic proofs bring products alive to best demonstrate the finished cards and packaging. Often, options will vary in colour or printing techniques, for example, pearlescent inks, hot foils, coloured core or even orientation.

To create the ultimate user experience, the card needs to arrive quickly, be of a high quality and function as expected. It is essential to work with the right manufacture and bureau facilities, with experienced industry experts to ensure seamless project set-ups, quality cards with functionality tailored to clients along with quick dispatch offerings. For example, for a large number of our own clients, we dispatch their cards on the same day as receiving the file which contains the requests. This allows the cardholder to receive their cards within just two days. 

Working with an experienced team which offers guidance and advice throughout the full process, from concept and design, manufacture through to personalisation and fulfilment with a full delivery suite, is key. This ensures clients can provide their users with the best card product possible.

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