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Starling expands business marketplace with two new partnerships

Sam Monk | 13:41 Tuesday 10th September 2019

Starling Bank has added SME insurtech Digital Risks and cyber security platform CyberSmart to its business marketplace.

Digital Risks — which provides a wide range of cover — offers insurance to meet the needs of SME digital companies, while CyberSmart utilises technology to identify the digital weaknesses of businesses.

“These new partnerships will make it quicker and easier for our clients to ensure they have both the insurance cover they need and the vital cyber security systems in place,” said Anne Boden, founder and CEO at Starling Bank (pictured above).

“By working with Digital Risks and CyberSmart, our business customers will be able to focus on growing their businesses, knowing that their insurance and cyber security needs have been taken care of.” 

Cameron Shearer, CEO at Digital Risks, stated that Starling had taken retail banking “by storm”.

“The partnership means that Starling customers can now easily protect themselves against the multitude of threats that they will inevitably face as they grow.”

Jamie Akhtar, co-founder at CyberSmart, added: “This partnership will give tens of thousands of SMEs easy access to our services so that they can be better protected.”

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