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Atkinson Accounts partners with Countingup

Sam Monk | 16:11 Tuesday 30th July 2019

Chester-based accountancy practice Atkinson Accounts has partnered with Countingup to assist micro-businesses.

The accounting and banking app provider will help to offer a better experience for customers due to the simplicity of the onboarding process.

Atkinson Accounts currently has around 700 clients — ranging from small construction businesses to IT consultants — and estimates that around 50% of them would be suited to working with the Countingup app.

“We first heard about Countingup when we saw [its] marketing material at the Accountex show and met the Countingup representatives,” said Paul Atkinson, founder of Atkinson Accounts.

“The messaging, both written and verbal, was based around providing reassurance to micro-businesses and tradespeople about keeping accounting records.

“A further reason for Atkinson Accounts liking Countingup is that we see other emerging banks that are still trying to tie up clients with, often inappropriate, accounting software solutions while the bigger high street banks are often an administrative nightmare, with small companies sometimes waiting weeks on end just to get a debit card.

“Countingup is the only option we have come across in business banking that has a really strong emphasis on the smallest firms and start-ups.”

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