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Kaleyra partners with Epiphany to support Open Banking

Sam Monk | 13:59 Monday 22nd July 2019

Mobile messaging service provider Kaleyra and technology start-up Epiphany have partnered to support banks in their digital transformation efforts.

The collaboration will aim to help their joint customers as well as deliver more banking experiences to the Open Banking market.

“We don’t view activities such as PSD2, Open Banking and modernisation as mutually exclusive,” said Paolo Spadafora, founder and CEO at Epiphany (pictured above).

“We believe that one initiative should support and feed the other in the banking world.

“Given our tenure as banking system developers and integrators, we felt that we could combine the different solutions in our full-stack digital platform to help banks to achieve a thoughtful and cohesive way to operate.”

Alex Milani, managing director at Kaleyra, added: "Banks currently appear to be concentrating on adapting their infrastructure to the regulations, but this will only be the beginning.

"If they want to remain competitive, they must be able to move as quickly as possible to the development of new, advanced solutions."

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