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NatWest names new CEO for Mettle

Theo Osborn | 12:46 Wednesday 19th June 2019

NatWest has named Marieke Flament (pictured above) as the CEO of its SME digital banking subsidiary Mettle.

Marieke will lead the next phase of Mettle’s roll out as it becomes available at the App Store from August.

She has joined from crypto finance company Circle, where she served as European managing director and global CMO.

Mettle has been designed to make is easier for entrepreneurs and growing businesses to manage their finances, combining a current account with invoicing, payment chasing and bookkeeping capabilities.

Alison Rose, deputy CEO at NatWest Holdings and CEO of commercial and private banking at RBS, said: “Digital banking is now rooted in everyday life for businesses in the UK, and we’re excited to be a part of this development with Mettle.

“SME banking is an important part of our commercial offering as we work with businesses from inception and launch through to profitable success.”

Marieke added: “Insight and feedback garnered during the pilot stage have shown that we are in a very strong position to capitalise on this opportunity through Mettle.

“I am looking forward to joining this talented team as we deliver an innovative and agile solution to help growing businesses better manage their finances, making it easier for owners to get paid, control costs and stay compliant.”

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