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Project BankNorth picks nCino to provide digital banking platform

Simon Thompson | 12:27 Thursday 21st March 2019

Project BankNorth has partnered with cloud-banking fintech nCino.

The UK challenger will utilise nCino’s cloud-based bank operating system for its SME lending business.

The platform is expected to streamline BankNorth’s SME lending processes and more flexibly serve the bespoke needs of business owners and entrepreneurs.

Jonathan Thompson, founder and CEO of Project BankNorth (pictured above, right) said: “It’s critical we provide a smooth and innovative interface for our customers and introducers in order to deliver a fantastic customer experience. 

“Working with nCino early on in our development allows us to tailor our whole business around delivering an engaging and differentiated customer experience, and I am confident nCino will be the perfect partner for our success in getting these elements right.” 

nCino’s bank operating system will offer BankNorth’s employees and leaders a cloud‐based platform that provides an insight into the bank via an end-to-end solution that combines customer relationship management, customer onboarding, deposit account opening, loan origination, work flow, credit analysis, enterprise content management and instant reporting capabilities.

Pullen Daniel, managing director of international at nCino (pictured above, left), added: “As an up-and-coming challenger, we’re delighted to be working with them at such a pivotal stage in their launch to help shape their processes and raise the bar for convenient and flexible delivery of personally-tailored services to SME owners.”  

Ewan Hutton, CTO at Project BankNorth, added: “The choice of nCino for our commercial loan origination system is perfectly aligned to our technology roadmap as nCino has set a new bar for vendor solutions in this space, both in terms of product and client engagement.

“We will operate almost entirely using cloud/SaaS technology and will leverage the Salesforce Platform as the foundation for the bank which will enable best-of-breed integration with complementary tech, plus rapid innovation from the Salesforce APP exchange partners.”

Project BankNorth is scheduled to launch in 2020.

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