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Curve to hire six country managers for international expansion

Sam Monk | 11:53 Thursday 21st March 2019

Curve has announced plans to open offices in Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and Poland.

The fintech start-up has also appointed Alaister Mortlock as head of talent.

Alaister previously worked at LinkedIn and energy and services company Centrica.

In his new role, he will manage the talent acquisition for Curve, play a vital role in ensuring the start-up maintains a strong and healthy work culture, and engage in a Europe-wide recruitment drive to attract talent across multiple disciplines.

Shachar Bialick, CEO and founder of Curve (pictured above), said: “With the appointment of Alaister Mortlock, Curve will gain the useful expertise it needs to continue scaling at a rapid pace, but ensuring that we maintain and grow our culture and values with every hire across the globe.

“Maintaining a positive work environment will be instrumental in helping us to export our brand to a wider customer base as we invest in a strong and committed team that can deliver the services and support that users expect from us.”

Shachar added that Curve was “extremely excited” to create a new generation of users that have “greater financial control over their lives”.

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