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New business banking app Slide launches

Martin Greenland | 09:00 Friday 2nd November 2018

Banking app Slide has officially launched into the market.

Slide has been designed to help business owners make better-informed financial decisions, giving them more control and peace of mind over their finances.

Simon Lyons, chief commercial officer at the Slide app, said that banking apps and technology had never reduced the rate at which small businesses fail in the UK.

“That didn’t sit well with us, so we set out to tackle the problem.

“Small business owners have traditionally struggled to predict what their cash position will look like in the future. 

“This means they are basing financial decisions on guesswork. 

“We designed Slide to help these businesses get a step ahead to proactively predict and control their financial future. 

“We believe this will help customers to evolve, survive and thrive.”

Slide brings together all the necessary financial information that SME owners need in one place, giving them a clear and simple view of their cash position and the impact of payments that go in and out of their business.

Slide also has online connectivity to banks, enabling it to automatically reconcile balances and payments and match receipts to expectations, clearing invoices from the forecast. 

As a result, unpaid invoices get pushed forward automatically.

The announcement was supported by Cashfac – the Slide app’s parent company – recently being granted its licence by the FCA to carry out account information and payment initiation services as an authorised payment institution.

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