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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

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Tandem introduces new credit card blocking feature

Theo Osborn | 16:58 Wednesday 17th October 2018

Tandem has created a new card-blocking feature for its banking app which allows customers to react instantly to a misplaced card.

The feature is part of a growing range of in-app products that offer credit customers flexibility and insight as they spend.

As well as reacting to a misplaced card, the feature ensures customer security by allowing users to block or unblock their Tandem credit cards whenever they need to.

The feature can be accessed any time via the Tandem app.

Matt Ford, product director at Tandem (pictured above), said the new feature addressed the demand for tighter security with regards to card payments.

“We want our customers to feel secure wherever they go and be in control of sorting their money.

“Instead of immediately having to cancel their card if they’ve misplaced it, we give customers the freedom of simply blocking it for now and unblocking it later.”

The new feature comes after the digital bank launched its new ‘Journey Card’ to help users who don’t have a credit history to build a strong profile.

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