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Intelenet launches new product to help reduce mortgage processing times

Martin Greenland | 07:29 Wednesday 12th September 2018

Intelenet Global Services has introduced its AI and automation-based initiative RPA Lending Suite to support banks by generating mortgage offers in just 30 minutes.

The global business process services provider has introduced the lending suite with its banking clients.

Intelenet Global Services claimed that the solution was interoperable with banks’ existing legacy systems and could reduce processing time by 40% and costs by 50%.

“Consumers are constantly searching for the best deals to enable them to invest in their dream home as quickly as possible,” said Nitin Sahni, director of corporate services at Intelenet Global Services.

“The last thing a customer wants is for this landmark time in their life to be tainted by long waits and arduous processes to get things moving.

“Revamping the core banking system seems daunting for banks [which] recognise there is a need to change their system, but are deterred [by] the exorbitant implementation costs.”

Intelenet Global Services added that the solution integrated with existing core systems to deliver speed and accuracy improvements without the need for banks to replace their current infrastructure.  

“Totally replacing the core business systems, which largely underpin all banking operations, is not feasible,” added Nitin.

“Firms are looking for solutions to cut costs and processing times which fit alongside these systems.

“Speeding up processes will help traditional mortgage providers retain and expand market share while delivering the best possible customer experience.”

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