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Temenos launches Temenos Learning Community Engine

Martin Greenland | 16:59 Wednesday 29th August 2018

Temenos has announced the launch of Temenos Learning Community (TLC) Engine, the latest addition to the TLC training suite.

TLC Engine is set to help banks to reduce operational risk and costs, monitor their regulatory compliance better and increase staff engagement.

The offering can be deployed on the cloud or on premise and integrates with Temenos banking software products.

Lebanon-based bank, Byblos Bank, has become one of the first clients to sign up for the new product.

Byblos Bank will use TLC Engine to help drive and support change in its current digital transformation project.

Raffoul Raffoul, AGM and head of group organisation development, information system and operational support at Byblos Bank (pictured above, far left), said that the need for digital change was greater than ever to cope with a rapidly changing marketplace.

“The speed at which we need to deliver change and new functionality demands the need for an online training solution.

“Signing for the TLC Engine to ensure success and drive change as part of our transformation project was an obvious choice.

“With the platform, we are able to prepare for each phase of implementation, and down the road ensure that our employees continue to be educated on best practices and new solutions”

Dale Thomas, director at the Temenos Learning Community (right), added: “The key to a project’s success is staff engagement, knowledge, and ability to use the new system to its full potential.

“With the launch of this new platform, we are bringing to new and existing clients easy-to-access knowledge of our products and technology, as well as personalised support from our experienced change management team.

“We are delighted that the launch of TLC Engine is accompanied by extending [our] relationship with Byblos Bank, a long-term client of Temenos.”

Also pictured above: John Massaad, head of group technology services at Temenos and Ziad El Zoghbi, head of group finance and administration at Temenos.

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