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Tandem introduces healthy balance feature

Martin Greenland | 12:15 Friday 20th July 2018

Digital bank Tandem has announced the launch of a new healthy balance notification feature on its banking app.

The alert will appear to customers who have kept the balance of their account above £500 for the last three months and will congratulate them on their money management.

The feature will encourage savers to keep on top of their budgeting by providing a mini morale boost.

The healthy balance notification is part of Tandem’s expanding roster of conversational updates that keep app users informed of different aspects of their financial lives.

These alerts range from duplicate payments to increased spend at a certain retailer or paying an unnecessary fee when purchasing a rail ticket.

“Although a big part of highlights is showing you ways to improve your finances, it’s also great to celebrate with users when they’re doing well and that’s what we’re doing with healthy balance,” said Ricky Knox, CEO at Tandem (pictured above).

“At Tandem, we want everyone to be in good financial shape.”

Tandem recently celebrated reaching the 250,000-customer milestone.

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