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Banking app Emma closes $600,000 funding round

Martin Greenland | 13:30 Thursday 12th July 2018

Emma Technologies Ltd has closed a $600,000 seed round led by Kima Ventures and Aglaè Ventures.

The fintech firm’s banking app Emma helps millennials avoid overdrafts, find and cancel subscriptions, track debt and save money.

Emma Technologies was granted approval by the FCA in January, and the app aims to create a consumer-focused banking experience.

Edoardo Moreni, CEO and co-founder of Emma Technologies Ltd (pictured above), said that Emma was started with the aim of democratising the role of the private wealth manager.

“In an age where a new financial product comes to the market every week, consumers are destined to get lost in a financial chaos.

“We believe they deserve a financial advocate with the goal of driving them through the difficult financial challenges that life presents. 

“This round is the first step to fully achieve our mission.”

Rose Dettloff, deal partner at Kima Ventures, added: “Emma brings clarity and transparency to people’s financial lives with a product designed and built for an audience that is eager to grow their personal wealth. 

“Kima Ventures is glad to have Emma as part of its family and looks forward to [supporting] future growth and developments.”

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