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CivilisedBank appoints new CIO

Tom Belger | 12:00 Wednesday 4th July 2018

CivilisedBank has announced that Simon Bateman (pictured above) has been appointed as its chief information officer (CIO).

Simon has over 25 years of experience in managing IT services and has held roles at Harrods Bank, where he was also CIO, and Aldermore, where he served as transformation and change director, then as head of IT and transformation for the SME and retail savings business.

At CivilisedBank, Simon will play a key role in leading the company’s systems refresh, which was announced when it revealed that it would be reapplying for a banking licence. 

CivilisedBank will apply real-time personalisation, meaning that customers are only targeted with content directly relevant to them to reduce unnecessary communication and foster higher levels of customer retention and loyalty.

In addition, content testing will help to provide customers with what they really need to create an optimal experience.

“To be joining CivilisedBank at this phase in its development is a hugely exciting opportunity,” said Simon. 

“The SME market has long been underserved by the incumbent banking providers, and I am really looking forward to working with Mark [Stephens] again and being part of the team offering something genuinely new.”

Mark Stephens, CEO at CivilisedBank, said that Simon had a proven track record of delivering best-in-class systems to banks.

“His appointment, combined with the IT solutions we’re currently implementing, are already setting us on the way to developing a unique service for the SME market. 

“It is a crucial next step in our path towards launch.”

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