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Emma integrates with Monzo

Tom Belger | 14:00 Monday 22nd January 2018

Emma Technologies has integrated with mobile bank Monzo as it makes its first Open Banking partnership .

The London-based fintech firm received approval from the FCA last week for the provision of payment services.

Emma is currently building a banking app for millennials with the product aiming to provide a consumer-focused banking experience to improve the financial situation of its users.

“This integration projects Emma into Open Banking, which comes with thousands of possibilities for new businesses and companies like Emma,” said Edoardo Moreni, CEO and co-founder of Emma Technologies (pictured above).

“We truly believe the integration with Monzo will create synergies and provide customers [with] an enriched overview of their finances across all their accounts.”

Emma is hoping to make money management easier and believes consumers should be able to access all the information regarding their personal finance at the push of a button.

“Making an API available opens up loads of new opportunities for fintech companies, like Emma, and for our customers,” said Tom Blomfield, CEO and co-founder of Monzo.

“Our goal at Monzo is to give our customers more visibility and control over their money.

“Through our API, integrations like this become possible, meaning our customers can choose to access useful new services to help them manage their money.”

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