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Arbuthnot Commercial ABL provides funding to bike manufacturer

Tom Belger | 15:30 Monday 11th June 2018

Arbuthnot Commercial Asset Based Lending (ABL) Ltd has provided OSET Bikes with a working capital facility to power its rapid business growth.

It is the subsidiary of Arbuthnot Latham & Co’s first deal since launching earlier this year.

OSET Bikes is a designer and manufacturer of electric trial, dirt, off-road and motocross motorcycles for children and has built a presence in over 25 countries.

Due to demand and having won a substantial new order, OSET Bikes had just four weeks to complete the transaction, but Arbuthnot Commercial ABL was able to complete the deal ahead of schedule.

The lender was introduced to the bike manufacturer by John Dodsworth, founder of Open InVoice Finance, while SIA Group conducted the asset appraisal and collateral due diligence, with Irwin Mitchell providing legal advice.

“Supporting growth-oriented SMEs and mid-cap businesses is at the heart of what we do, and we are delighted to support OSET Bikes with the funding to power their ambitious growth strategy,” said Tim Hawkins, managing director at Arbuthnot Commercial ABL (pictured above).

“We know that lasting relationships are built on trust and transparency, so we adopt a tailored approach that gets under the skin of the individual needs of the business.

“In this transaction, gaining a detailed understanding of the dynamics of the assets, supply chain, processes and intra-group trading was essential to delivering the right structure and level of headroom for the business.”

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