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TSB relaunches 'recommend a friend' offer

Martin Greenland | 07:29 Wednesday 14th March 2018

TSB has relaunched its 'recommend a friend' incentive, which offers .

The incentive will also give £75 to the referred friend when they join the challenger bank.

The offer was initially only available to the first 5,000 customers who switched, but due to popular demand TSB has relaunched the offer.

It is available from 9th March and runs until 9th April, with no limit on the number of customers who can benefit.

Existing classic plus customers can refer up to five friends, earning them up to £375 if they all sign up to the classic plus account.

New customers that open a classic plus account will receive a reward of £5 for making 20 debit card payments within a month, as well as an extra £5 if they make at least two direct debts each month.

Craig Bundell, director of personal current accounts at TSB, said that the challenger bank had seen 1,000 customers a day vote with their feet to join TSB in 2017.

“Since we launched our new 'recommend a friend' offer last month, it's been great to see customers voting with their feet to join TSB and make the most of our offer.

“As it's been so popular, I'm really pleased that we're now bringing it back so we can continue to reward our existing customers alongside new customers who join us – with both pocketing £75 each.”

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