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OSB revamps expat mortgage range

Jordan Williams | 4:00 Thursday 2nd November 2017

OneSavings Bank has announced major changes to its expat mortgage product range through Kent Reliance and InterBay Commercial

The changes include new two-, three- and five-year fixed rate options, starting from 3.79% for Kent Reliance and 4.45% for InterBay Commercial.

The specialist lending and retail savings group will now accept expat applications for HMOs and limited companies.

At Kent Reliance, applicants are no longer required to be a professional or purchasing within London and the South East.

Instead, the product range has just two categories:

  • expat standard: includes loans to individuals on standard flats and houses
  • expat specialist: includes loans for limited companies, HMOs and student lets.

Other important changes to the product range include:

  • simplified eligibility criteria
  • a minimum income of £50,000.


Kent Reliance will now lend to Australian expats if the property is held by a UK limited company.

Adrian Moloney, sales director at OneSavings Bank, said: “We know that many expats choose to invest in buy-to-let property in the UK while living abroad as a way of generating income.

“However, it has become increasingly difficult for them to find or access these specialist mortgages.

“This is a relatively underserviced area and one that our brokers have highlighted that they would like to expand into.

“These changes will result in an improved proposition to support their customers’ needs as well as offering customers more competitive pricing.

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