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Wednesday, January 23, 2019


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OakNorth: how some of the entrepreneurs we’ve lent to first got started

15 hours ago

For many, the new year brings with it new possibilities and the chance to explore new opportunities...

Making the most of savings in 2019

1 month ago

Personal finance headlines and best-buy tables are dominated by retail savings products, with very few...

Why it’s important to encourage female entrepreneurs

2 months ago

On Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, we honour women in business, their fearless ambition, their...

What lenders look for when financing hotel projects

3 months ago

This week, I’ll be at the Annual Hotel Conference in Manchester where I’ll be speaking on Thursday...

Entrepreneurship: it’s still a man’s world and we need to change that

5 months ago

As a bank focused on helping the UK’s entrepreneurs achieve their growth ambitions, one of the key...

Supporting the UK's young entrepreneurs

6 months ago

I recently read an article in which millennials – those born between 1981 and 1996 – were deemed to...

Our response to the Treasury committee's SME finance inquiry

7 months ago

Earlier this year, the Treasury committee launched an inquiry into SME finance looking at a number of...

Artificial intelligence: the buzz behind the buzzword

8 months ago

A report published last year by IDC revealed that 67% of organisations globally have already adopted or...

Do SMEs favour equity and alternative finance over debt?

10 months ago

Improving the growth and productivity of SMEs is fundamental to enhancing economic performance ...

Looking beyond traditional banks

11 months ago

I recently came across an article headlined: “8 in 10 SMEs still prefer traditional bank loans over...

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