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Redefining banking: AI

3 months ago

This is an exciting time for financial services as a new era of interrelated technologies, including...

FOS extension is a step in the right direction

8 months ago

The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is an important organisation set up by parliament to resolve...

The ripples of the 2008 crisis can still be felt today

9 months ago

The financial crisis of 2008 was a watershed moment in global capitalism. Ten years ago, US investment...

Embracing new forms of technology

10 months ago

The UK financial services industry, and banking in particular, has undergone radical reform in the last...

By helping SMEs grow, local communities will thrive

11 months ago

On 26th June, the government announced a new £8m fund to support SMEs...

Working together: specialist banks and brokers

1 year ago

The relationship between specialist banks and brokers is fundamental in providing SMEs with access to...

The role of specialist banks in supporting SME productivity

1 year ago

While UK productivity levels ticked up slightly in the second half of 2017, the solution to the...

Turning the UK back into a nation of savers

1 year ago

The Bank of England has indicated that it is likely to increase the bank rate in the near future, with...

Spring forward

1 year ago

Spring is a time of growth and activity is picking up for many of our customers...

Funding growth

1 year ago

While we have seen a slight dip in the latest revised GDP figures, there are plenty of positive signs of...

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