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Saturday, February 24, 2018

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Fintech as a force for good

3 days ago

The big news around fintech focuses on the many ways it is already making financial services more pr...

Open season on Open Banking

1 month ago

Reading the national media on Open Banking, I get the sense of an impending cock-up of England World...

New year, new market structure

2 months ago

Think of banking and think of lending. Lending is largely associated with the segment where the mass...

A bitcoin debit card?

3 months ago

I got a call from a trusted friend who has been a wonderful source of advice and inspiration to me i...

Open letter to Andrew Bailey, chief executive of FCA

4 months ago

Dear Andrew, your comments on the BBC on Monday 16th October reflect the concerns that many share wi...

Banking re-born

5 months ago

Dishoom, London: 8pm. There was still a queue of young professionals chatting patiently waiting to g...

The dilemma of the bank CEO

6 months ago

Here’s the fix. The FCA is reviewing banking charges. There will be an announcement in spring next...

The FCA and the law of unintended consequences

7 months ago

“If any branch of trade… be advantageous to the public, the freer and more general the competiti...

Why the banking model could break the UK economy

7 months ago

A recent speech by Alex Brazier, director of the Bank of England, warned against a new credit bubble...

TIFF and tears

9 months ago

A happy new world is dawning for all consumers who use financial products...