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Friday, November 24, 2017

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We need to aim higher than ‘a nation of shopkeepers’

2 days ago

I read an interesting newspaper article the other day with the headline: “UK bank scandals are mak...

Blending technology with personal relationships

1 month ago

We launched in September 2015 with a very simple proposition: we raise deposits from both businesses...

Keeping up with the collateral: understanding the assets in your business

2 months ago

Whether you're a start-up, scale-up or a limited liability corporation, you’re going to need capit...

How to secure debt finance from a bank

3 months ago

At pretty much every industry event I’ve gone to since I started my career in banking almost 17 ye...

How Brexit boosted our loan book from £98m to £600m in 12 months

4 months ago

On 22nd June 2016, our loan book stood at £98m...

The neglected middle child: Why we focus on lending up to £20m

6 months ago

Ricoh, the multinational imaging and electronics company, did some research earlier this year discus...