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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Broker Guides

What is a banking passport?

2 weeks ago

A number of new specialist and challenger banks could turn to a banking passport as they look to increase their market share and c...

The evolution of title insurance

3 months ago

Since its inception, title insurance has played a crucial role in a broad range of property transactions. It has provided security...

A broker’s guide to Islamic finance

3 months ago

Sharia-compliant products are available to UK homebuyers, but unlike standard deals they don't charge interest. Here's a guide to...

A guide to specialist finance associations

3 months ago

The specialist finance sector contains a number of associations which look to uphold standards, raise the profile of the industry...

A guide to handling rejection

4 months ago

Rejection is a daily prospect facing intermediaries, where despite this, a recent study revealed that 10 per cent of brokers surve...

A guide to MiFID II

5 months ago

MiFID II is expected to come into effect from January 2018 and is predicted to improve the functioning of the UK's financial marke...