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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Peter Izard, BDM at Investec Private Bank

What is a link mortgage?

2 months ago

Assume you have a high-net-worth (HNW) client who finds a new property they want to purchase before they...

Why the super-rich, including Rihanna, are renting in London

4 months ago

The old adage that renting is throwing money away is certainly not the view held by many of the...

Why you can’t afford to ignore private equity professionals

6 months ago

In an ever-increasing digital age, a private equity professional is a prime example of a mortgage client...

Why private banking is specialist

8 months ago

Ask any mortgage broker to define what ‘specialist’ lending is and their answer will probably...

The role of bespoke advice in a digital mortgage world

9 months ago

During 2018 – setting Brexit aside – the financial trade press was dominated by coverage of fintech...

Perceptions of private banks can be misleading

1 year ago

The way in which we perceive the sector we work in – and indeed the job we do – can at times differ...

A guide to private banking

1 year ago

There are many misconceptions that shroud private banks...

Fulfilling the virtual card market’s potential

1 year ago

Commercial cards have been a key banking product for years. Their usage is established among both...

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