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Sunday, December 15, 2019


Countingup reaches 10,000 customers

Sam Monk | 16:14 Friday 26th April 2019

Business banking and accounting app Countingup has passed 10,000 customer accounts in less than 12 months.

This total has been assisted by the government’s making tax digital initiative for individuals and businesses.

HMRC’s making tax digital for VAT programme launched this month.

“Countingup is launching making tax digital-compliant VAT returns in time for the first filings for the April–June quarter, so our SMEs won’t be affected by this change,” said Tim Fouracre, CEO at Countingup.

“With filings for this quarter due by 7th August 2019, any business that takes up the Countingup app before that date will avoid the scare and hassle of having to change their whole approach themselves at the last minute.”

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