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Marcus by Goldman Sachs welcomes over 50,000 new customers

Tom Belger | 11:30 Tuesday 9th October 2018

Marcus by Goldman Sachs has attracted over 50,000 new customers since it launched in the UK last month.

The online bank – which opened in the UK on 27th September – has an easy-access savings account which offers savers 1.5% AER, while its variable offer includes a 12-month bonus rate of 0.15%.

Des McDaid, managing director at Marcus by Goldman Sachs (pictured above), said it had been astounded by reaching 50,000 account sign-ups in just over a week since its launch.

“It’s exceeded our most ambitious expectations – and frankly, it sends a clear message to the market that savers are hugely frustrated with low interest rates.

“People work hard for their money, so finally it’s time for their savings to work harder for them.”

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