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ABN AMRO invites clients to test wearables

Martin Greenland | 07:28 Wednesday 10th January 2018

ABN AMRO has invited 500 of its clients to test its new wearable payment technology.

Following successful internal tests last year, the bank will be allowing its customers to make contactless payments with a ring, watch, bracelet or keyring.

ABN has claimed that it is the first bank to enable worldwide payment with wearable technology linked to a current account.

Yvonne Duits, ABN AMRO product owner payments, said: "As much as 50% of all payments in the Netherlands are contactless.

“But the rise of contactless payment doesn't stop at bank cards and mobile phones.

“More and more products have payment through near field communication (NFC) enabled, so naturally we're eager to test this method with our clients.

“The current project involves a range of wearables.

“We care about making things convenient for consumers and offering everyone a payment method that suits their preferences."

The bank has opened applications for clients to participate in a four-month pilot and requested customer feedback via an app.

ABN AMRO has been cooperating with Mastercard and DIGISEQ to ensure the products meet the necessary requirements for reliable and safe payments.

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